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Client Testimonials

"I enjoyed the Adwords bootcamp. The course was quite thorough and Mary really took her time in clarifying areas that were unclear. It showed me how to create an Adwords campaign from scratch even if I had no prior experience. One of the things I loved most about the course..."
Ricky Benns
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Articles Library, Blog, Resource Rolodex, Books We Recommend Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC was founded based on several core beliefs - one of which is sharing.

By sharing valuable resources such as tools, templates, and ideas our goal is to help you find the right tools for the job which will save you time, energy and money.

All of us have limited resources, but none more so than time... it is our most precious asset.

The strategic marketing resources and software tools we make available from here are ones we use to make our life a little easier. We will continue to add to them as we find and use them ourselves

Just mouse over the Resource Menu above and you can select from a number of different resources available on our site depending on your access level. Our site is make up of 3 levels.

  • User - Open to the general public and free for everyone - they have access to all the public areas.
  • Registered - Open to individuals that have registered on the site with a name and email address. They have access to the registered areas which includes all public areas and additional resources not available to the general public.
  • Membership - Open to individuals who have purchased one of our subscription products or pay a monthly membership fee. They have access to all public and registered areas as well as all of the subscriptions they have purchased.

To your success.

David and Mary Scarborough.

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SMA Marketing Training Guide

The Procrastinator's Guide To Marketing by Mary Eule Scarborough and David A. Scarborough


"This Is Every Business Person's Wake-up Call! "

Finally... a solid and practical small business marketing primer that cuts through the “get-rich-quick” hype and delivers the goods on getting and keeping profitable customers. Discover why beginners, as well as marketing professionals, find its step-by-step format, friendly language, and templates and worksheets to be invaluable.

The authors draw upon their extensive marketing experience and impressive credentials to brilliantly combine "real life" anecdotes with time-tested strategies and tactics.  This one will be around for a long time.

View the Table of Contents, read excerpts and reserve your copy here.

BONUS! CLICK HERE to read the book's Foreword, written by Keith Ferrazzi, best selling author of "Never Eat Alone;" and Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Inc.

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Strategic Marketing Advisors is a full service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, providing businesses of all sizes with the tools and technology to get and maintain an effective online presence. Address: Strategic Marketing Advisors, 34 Rexwood Lane #106, Sapphire NC 28774. Contact use at: 480-264-3646 or 877-904-1656