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Client Testimonials

"Hi Mary, two things - well really 3 things - including to thank you for this very good course. "
Jane Donat
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The excitement and enthusiasm of Mary and David was infectious. I thought marketing was boring until I heard them speak. S. Turner, Potomac, MD


Strategic Marketing Advisor’s CEO, David A. Scarborough and president, Mary Eule Scarborough, are talented and engaging speakers who present on a variety of marketing topics to businesses, organizations, educational institutions, conferences and events.

Speaking Services To Engage, Educate and Inspire Your Audience

Authors of the book, The Procrastinator’s Guide to Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, November, 2007), Mary and David brilliantly combine humor and "real-life" stories with well-thought-out, time-tested and relevant business advice. And given their impressive credentials and extensive experience in the business world, they have the skills, know-how, expertise and wherewithal to genuinely connect with their audience – whether they’re company CEOs or college freshman.

About Mary Scarborough

  • Mary earned her master’s degree in marketing from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and is a published co-author of two more marketing books; Mastering Online Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, January 2008) with Mitch Meyerson, and Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet (Entrepreneur Press, July 2008 with Mitch Meyerson and Jay Conrad Levinson.
  • A former Fortune 500 executive, founder of two successful small businesses, and an independent marketing consultant. She’s worked with some of the nation’s most successful, and difficult, CEOs as well as hundreds of “Mom-and-Pop” businesses. Throughout it all she’s managed to maintain her healthy perspective, optimistic attitude and most importantly, sense of humor.  Mary continues to write website copy, articles, and ads for clients and her own websites.

About David Scarborough

  • David, a former US Air Force officer and aviator, is a gifted business leader, writer, educator and presenter who uses his expertise in business, finance, economics and strategic marketing to help entrepreneurs grow and maintain healthy businesses.
  • In his role as a speaker and professor at a Charleston, SC university, he is a master at relating his own personal experiences as a business leader and supporting them with solid, time-tested strategic and tactical concepts. David, a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, earned his MBA from Golden Gate University.

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If your audience wants to experience David and Mary’s contagious enthusiasm while learning valuable insights, please Contact Us via email (please be sure to include your name as well as your company’s or organization’s, phone number, and the dates and location of your event) or call our offices at 877-904-1656. (If you do not reach us in person, a company representative will contact you within 48 hours to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more detailed information.)

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Strategic Marketing Advisors is a full service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, providing businesses of all sizes with the tools and technology to get and maintain an effective online presence. Address: Strategic Marketing Advisors, 34 Rexwood Lane #106, Sapphire NC 28774. Contact use at: 480-264-3646 or 877-904-1656