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Local Reputation Marketing

Do You Know What Others Are Saying About Your Business On The Web - Most website owners who offer products and services in specifically defined smaller local areas (e.g. regions, states, cities), recognize that their bottom lines are severely handicapped by bad reviews (what others say about them on the internet). Read more and download our free Reputation Marketing Report.

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What We Do

Buyer and Sellers LaneStrategic Marketing Advisors, LLC (SMA) is a business and marketing consultancy which specializes in helping companies of all sizes get and keep more profitable customers using high-impact, low cost marketing strategies.

We specialize in PPC, Reputation Marketing, SEO and Local Search Marketing strategies as well as a number of other services.

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How We Do It

strategic marketing success SEMStrategic Marketing Advisors conducts market, keyword and competition research to determine the best marketing tactics and strategies for your business.

Then we manage each step of the process from website development to search engine optimization ensuring you get found on-line by prospects looking for your products and services - as well as current customers and clients.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords AdvertisingIn its simplest form, an online pay-per-click (PPC) campaign provides a set of tools that businesses, individuals, and other organizations use to communicate with their target audience(s), drive qualified search engine traffic to their websites, and get better results. Find out how you too can increase you ROI 200%, and more, as many of our current clients have done.

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Your Local Reputation Marketing Services

sma-rm-logoDo You Know What Others Are Saying About Your Business On The Web - Most website owners who offer products and services in specifically defined smaller local areas (e.g. regions, states, cities), recognize that their bottom lines are severely handicapped by bad reviews (what others say about them on the internet).

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Local Search Business Marketing Services

Google Places for Local SearchMost website owners who offer products and services in specifically defined smaller local areas (e.g. regions, states, cities), recognize that their bottom lines are severely handicapped if their sites are not included on page one of the search results.  Find out where you rank with our Free Google Ranking Report Software below.  All you need is your telephone number.

Google Places and Local Search Marketing Services

Client Testimonials

"David and Mary, just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great training course. Without a doubt the best value in training and education I've found. I really appreciate it."
Doug L
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Powerful Strategic SEO Marketing Strategies

Powerful Strategic SEO Marketing Strategies for Today's Web

Savvy internet marketers understand that in order to drive qualified – and profitable – visitors to their websites, they must please two distinct audiences: Google (and other search engines) and most importantly, their visitors.

However, while most serious business people understand their products/services, their target audiences’ needs, and the like, they often are uncertain as to how to ensure that their websites’ URLs are displayed to searchers who enter relevant keywords.

And given the plethora of "gurus" who promise overnight riches and / or employ devious marketing techniques (also known as "black hat", they are tricks designed to outsmart Google and circumvent their requirements) it’s hard to know who to trust.

Many are daunted because they believe that because Google – the search engine that commands over 70% of all Internet traffic – frequently changes its ranking algorithms (the formulas they use to rank web pages, etc.), it’s nearly impossible for them to do well.

The truth however, is that these algorithms haven’t changed dramatically over the years and that website owners who follow several basic rules of thumb need not hyper-focus on baffling mathematics.

Google’s rules are – ironically to some – based on one single principle; that is, provide users with good experiences. Yes, the Internet can be a challenging and ever-changing environment, but your website and internet marketing strategies and tactics are merely tools that either help (or hurt) your ability to achieve your goals.

One of the most important goals for all websites is to show up on the first page of the search engine results lists for relevant keywords searches. This can be accomplished via the "organic" – or free listings – or via sponsored ads (PPC).

For obvious reasons, website owners would much prefer to accomplish this as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Therefore, first page positions in the organic listings are highly coveted spots, and ones that can be elusive or nearly impossible to obtain, in highly competitive industries with many well-established companies.

Yet, the "magic formula" for achieving this lofty goal is really quite simple. You see, Google rewards sites (i.e. moves them up in rank) that:

  • Provide relevant answers to searchers' questions quickly and completley.
  • Contain well-thought-out and well written content, and other elements such as videos, interactive devices, graphics, and the like.
  • Look and feel professional, credible, and trustworthy.
  • Load fast and contain easy and intuitive navigation devices.
  • Have been around for a while.
  • Provide visitors with a pleasant experience.

and more...

It’s important to keep in mind that if Google (or the other search engines) do not like your website, they will not offer it up as a choice for Internet searchers, even if your website is the perfect match! Period. Therefore, if you are to be successful on the Internet, you absolutely must recognize and apply as many or thse key elements and strategies as you possibly can.

105 SEO Tips For Search Engine Marketing"105 Smart Web Search Engine Optimization Techniques, Strategies and Tactics for 2011 and Beyond" There are lots of "On Page" and "Off Page" SEO marketing strategies you can use to improve your search enging rankings. Brian Austin our resident "On Page" SEO expert put this very valuable ($197.00) report together for our Annual Guerrilla PPC Mastery Program and he's allowed us to share it with you for free. You can get your copy here.

Even more importantly, Google rewards "popular" websites – that is, sites that "objective" visitors and other websites like, which is measured by the numbers of new and returning visitors, how long they stay on the site, the number of site registrations, click-through-rates (CTRs), and backlinks.

So, in short the three most important influencers for obtaining qualified organic traffic are:

1. A properly optimized website

This is a website that is prepared to attract searchers who enter certain keywords phrases into the search engine query fields.

2. Valuable, well written and relevant content

Your website’s copy is critically important to your efforts, so do not leave this to chance… or worse yet, your neighbor’s high school senior. We strongly advise you to get help from a professional copywriter. This is a wise investment, and one that will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

3. Popularity

One of the best and most effective measures of your site’s popularity are inbound backlinks.

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They So Important?

In their simplest form, backlinks are clickable one-way links pointing from other websites to yours. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, in-links, and inward links

Simply put, search engines consider backlinks to be "objective votes" for websites, and therefore, the more you have, the more popular you become.

However, it’s not just a quantity game... rather, Google also weighs the quality of your backlinks which they determine by their Page Rank (a rating number from 1 to 10 that Google assigns to each page), its diversity (the more diverse source of links you get, the better), web search volumes, longevity, etc. In other words, not all backlinks are created equal.

Link Building Process Flow

Thus, websites that execute solid backlink-building strategies have a distinct advantage over 95% of websites on the Internet. Even better, relative to other types of organic marketing, increasing backlinks is one of the quickest methods for moving up in the search engine listings, making it a "must-have" tactic.

Yet, it is not a quick-fix strategy, but one that requires know-how, skill, and time. The goal is to build links naturally – not all at once – from a variety of websites. This can be an extremely time-consuming and fruitless process for beginners who do not fully understand the nuances of this method. For instance, there are many websites that allow web owners to enter links to their websites, only to find out later that those links are not being counted by Google (known as "no-follow" links). As a result, they wasted a great deal of time and effort.

That’s why we offer advanced backlinking services for our clients, who may choose the package that best fits their needs. Details follow.

Our Advanced SEO Strategy and Process

Our Advanced SEO Backlinking Strategy obtains links from a number of sources and builds the links naturally over time. We obtain these backlinks from:

  • Blogs, forums profiles, email lists.
  • Niche directories, article sites, etc.
  • Bookmarking sites.
  • High authority pages found on .edu and .gov websites.
  • PR, partnerships, and social media websites.
  • General online directories, organizations, and classifieds.
  • Key influencers and advanced social media.

Our backlinking process is divided into two distinct phases. They are on-page and off-page optimization.

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO structures and optimizes website content so that search engines understand its relevancy to the keyword phrases being optimized. As you would assume, search engine "spiders" do not actually read website content; rather they look for relevancy "indicators," such as of the title and header tags, ALT tags on images, internal links and their anchor text, and more.

As part of our service, we will let you know what, if any, on-page changes your website requires. Moreover, we are happy to guide you or your web developer, or if you prefer, we can make these changes for you.

In order to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date advice on your site’s current on-page SEO factors, we will first conduct research (and / or an AdWords campaign) to determine which keywords are most likely to drive targeted traffic to your website. Then, we will:

  • Ensure landing page URLs contain those keywords, and they appear in the meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Ensure all images have appropriate keywords in their file names, titles and alt tags and when possible, that you’re using keyword-rich H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags appropriately.
  • Suggest the addition of images and videos as appropriate.
  • Ensure that all internal hyperlinks are relevant and working properly.
  • Install a proper web visitor tracking system (web analytics) to monitor your website’s visitors’ locations, the search terms they entered, the pages they viewed, and more.

After completing our research, we will provide you with a comprehensive audit of your website’s on-page elements, with a clear action plan to improve its performance.

Off-Page Optimization

Unlike some providers, we recognize that executing a successful SEO strategy takes time. It cannot be accomplished over night, as some would have you believe. As importantly, Google’s algorithm "alarms" are designed to go off when website obtain too many backlinks too quickly. When they detect this, they automatically render the links ineffective or worse yet, actually lower the sites’ rankings.

That’s why we use a more natural backlinking process – one that typically takes about 60 days to fully deploy. Each day we will get a number of Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 backlinks from a variety of sources. Next, we will promote those links to make them more valuable.

Here’s an illustration of the off page process:

Link Building Schedule

Off-Pages Phases 1-4

Off-Page - Phase 1 Establishing Benchmarks

We will establish a benchmark for your keywords; that is, where your site ranks for those keywords when we start. This provides us with a solid foundation for our efforts. Also, because backlinking reports are notoriously inaccurate, this is the very best method for monitoring real time results. We will continue to track your progress using those same keywords throughout. Then, we will create quality links from high PR blogs and forums, and create a number of original articles that will be submitted to several Web 2.0 social media sites. The number of articles written will depend on the package you choose.

Off-page - Phase 2 Social Media Web 2.0 Sites

We will create pages on several Web 2.0 sites that point back to your website. These pages will be published in sites like Squidoo, HubPages and Wordpress, because they are already deemed high authority sites and therefore, provide our pages and links with considerable value.

Off-page - Phase 3 Mini-Net

Once the Level-1 pages are published and indexed by Google we begin to create a complex network of sites (a "mini-net") that will ultimately link back to them. Using a carefully scheduled process, we will create a lot of pages – approximately 10 times the number of Level-1 pages – over a longer period of time. This painstaking approach clearly distinguishes us from our competitors, and ensures that our accomplishments are successful and sustainable. During this phase we will also begin a bookmarking campaign which will start generating "buzz" about your website.

Off-page - Phase 4 Increasing Network Link Values

Once the level-2 pages are published and indexed by Google we begin to obtain a number of simple backlinks aimed at increasing the network of links’ value. Additionally, we will combine all links created in a file (a RSS feed) and submit it to several RSS directories. This will also improve the visibility of our network. Once this phase is completed, we consider our work finished for the chosen keywords

Our Fees and Pricing Options

We offer flexible pricing options based on the services provided:

Month-by-Month Option (no long-term contract; billed monthly):

  • There is an initial setup fee
  • Then an on-going monthly fee for services
  • Please Note: Your first bill will include your initial set-up fee and month one's on-going fee for services.


If you're ready to get started, please call 877-904-1656 or email us using our Contact Us form.


If you’d like to learn more about our SEO services, Contact Us by email or call our offices at: 877-904-1656. A company representative will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your project and whether it’s a good fit for our company. If not, we will recommend another source for your needs… even one of our competitors.

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SMA Marketing Training Guide

The Procrastinator's Guide To Marketing by Mary Eule Scarborough and David A. Scarborough


"This Is Every Business Person's Wake-up Call! "

Finally... a solid and practical small business marketing primer that cuts through the “get-rich-quick” hype and delivers the goods on getting and keeping profitable customers. Discover why beginners, as well as marketing professionals, find its step-by-step format, friendly language, and templates and worksheets to be invaluable.

The authors draw upon their extensive marketing experience and impressive credentials to brilliantly combine "real life" anecdotes with time-tested strategies and tactics.  This one will be around for a long time.

View the Table of Contents, read excerpts and reserve your copy here.

BONUS! CLICK HERE to read the book's Foreword, written by Keith Ferrazzi, best selling author of "Never Eat Alone;" and Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Inc.

About Us And Contact Details

Strategic Marketing Advisors is a full service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, providing businesses of all sizes with the tools and technology to get and maintain an effective online presence. Address: Strategic Marketing Advisors, 34 Rexwood Lane #106, Sapphire NC 28774. Contact use at: 480-264-3646 or 877-904-1656