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Client Testimonials

"Think of something dependable, practical, and reliable, something you can count on ... you've just thought of this book. Simply put, it's a problem-solving tool. If you're a procrastinator, or you've got marketing problems, this book is your solution. It's clear, simple and succinct."
Michael Port
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Affordable Business Website

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

Take Our Website Assessment to Find Out


  • Is your website less than two years old?
  • Is your website fully SEOed and optimized?
  • Is your website mobile ready?  In other words, does it adjust and navigate properly for visitors using smart phones and tablets?  See video below.
  • Does your website allow you to capture leads (e.g. names, email addresses, etc.)?
  • Does your website have keyword-rich landing pages?
  • Does your website have a strong call-to-action and other direct response elements?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Does your website look credible, professional, and well designed?
  • Does your website generate qualified leads and/or sales?
  • Is your website's copy well-written and error-free?


If you answered "no" to two or more of the questions above, your website is not doing its job. Period.

Even worse, these are just some website "must-haves." There are many more. Free Business Websites From Strategic Markeing Advisors

And let's face it, your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. If your potential customers, clients, and/or patients can't find you on their mobile devices; don't know what you do or how to contact you quickly and easily; are unsure where you're located; think your website is amateurish, sloppy, or poorly designed; and/or you haven't answered their most pressing questions.. you're losing business. 

That's why it's vitally important that your website represents you and your business properly. In order to this, it must be professionally designed, fully optimized, mobile-friendly, and more.  

And if you're like most businesspeople today, you already understand this, but believe that this type of website is simply too expensive. But that's where we come in...

You see, we're willing to give you a website with all of the bells and whistles we've described above and valued at $2997 (go ahead and click on the icons below to check out samples) absolutely free. That's right... you'll pay zip. Zilch. Nada.

The catch? Not a catch exactly... we'll simply ask you to host your new website on our servers. And give us three referrals of other business owners you know need a new website. You'll pay one fair and affordable annual hosting and monthly maintenance fee and that's it. Even better, we won't make you sign any contracts - and as one of our clients you'll get access to our SMART Membership Program (a monthly $97 value). It's not enough to just have a website, you also need to know marketing best practices so you can attract qualified prospects to your site and make more sales using our proven tactics and strategies.

And we've so confident that you will see the value in in everything we've given you (website, great hosting and SMART Membership), that you'll stay with us for many years and recommend us to others.  

If you're serious about having an effective online presence and want to see if you qualify for this fantastic offer, feel free to call us at 877.904.1656 or enter the information requested in our secure and confidential Contact Us form.   

But wait... there's more!  If you include your website address (URL) in your message we will conduct a mini-audit of your website and have it available for you when we talk. 

We look forward to talking with you soon and helping you improve your online presence with a world-class website. 


 Click on the images below to see
demos of our websites. 


Sample Website From Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For VeterinariansFully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For PlumbersFully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For LocksmithsLocal Small Business Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors.com Mesa, AZ
Fully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For HVAC ContractorsFully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For DentistFully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For ChiropractorsFully Optimized Mobile Friendly Website By Strategic Marketing Advisors Designed For Electricians


Want To Know WHY Websites Are So Important?


Want To Know Why A Mobile Optimized Website Is So Important For Your Business?  Watch This Video To Learn How Potential Customers Find You Online.


Also, check out the slide presentation below to learn 27 actionable strategies that will improve your website's online presence right away. 



To Your Success,

Strategic Marketing Advisors   


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About Us And Contact Details

Strategic Marketing Advisors is a full service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, providing businesses of all sizes with the tools and technology to get and maintain an effective online presence. Address: Strategic Marketing Advisors, 34 Rexwood Lane #106, Sapphire NC 28774. Contact use at: 480-264-3646 or 877-904-1656