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"I had the privilege of attending one of Mary's first Adwords Acceleration Bootcamps. Mary showed me how powerful a tool Google's AdWords PPC tool really is and how it should be used. What's more, my campaigns now cost me less and make me more money (big smile!). Isn't that precisely..."
Theo Steward
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Local Reputation Marketing

Strategic Marketing Advisors Reputation Marketing

Do You Know What Others Are Saying About Your Business On The Web - Most website owners who offer products and services in specifically defined smaller local areas (e.g. regions, states, cities), recognize that their bottom lines are severely handicapped by bad reviews (what others say about them on the internet). Read more and download our free Reputation Marketing Report.

What Others Are Saying

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70% Of On-line And Off-Line Shoppers Trust Reviews

It’s a fact that savvy shoppers will look at 6-10 reviews before they make a buying decisions.  And, a recent study concluded that 70% of - on and offline shoppers - trust an online review second only to a personal recommendation.

Nielsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey - Q3 2011 - Online Reviews

Introducing Local Reputation Marketing

Smart business people understand that a stellar reputation is their most valuable business asset – and one that takes years of hard work to earn. However, they also recognize that it can be destroyed in minutes with one or two public complaints – deserved or not. 

Additionally, most understand that stellar reputations are among the most important assets for businesses to achieve and some of the easiest to destroy – especially in today’s freewheeling and often-anonymous Internet world.

And given today’s fast paced social media environment, it’s never been quicker or simpler for Internet users to broadcast their opinions about products, services, and companies to millions of people worldwide. There are simply hundreds of thousands of venues - online directories, blog postings, discussion forums, social media sites, and more - where people can prominently rate, review, and/or comment positively or negatively about whomever they’d like.

What’s more, ever-growing numbers of consumers are checking out – and listening to - online rating before they purchase products and services, patronize restaurants, plan their vacations, choose their healthcare providers, hire consultants, and more.

That’s why it’s increasingly important for companies of all sizes to pro actively market their online reviews and actively monitor what others are saying about them online, and do everything in their power to ensure that what’s being said is accurate, and most importantly, positive.

And while the concept may be simple, the process for doing so is far more complicated.

What Does The Term “Reputation Marketing” Mean? 

At its most basic level, “reputation marketing” is a process that companies, people, and organizations use for marketing, monitoring and influencing what others are saying about them.

Since the beginning of time, savvy businesspeople have quietly – and slowly - tracked their word-of-mouth reputations and most have done whatever it takes to mitigate damage caused by unhappy customers.

It’s essentially the same today with one few key differences: disgruntled – or happy - customers don’t just tell their family members and friends what they think; they tell the world, and they can do so in the blink of an eye.

So, if you’re implementing a reputation marketing program for your business, your first step should be to ensure that your prospects and customers say nice things about you and your products and services. This means you’ll need adopt a whatever-it-takes attitude and deliver on your promised experience 100% of the time. As we say in our book, The Procrastinator’s Guide to Marketing, “if you’re going to tell people how great you are, get great first.”

Next, you’ll need a system that monitors what others are saying about your company, and a pro-active strategy for reacting to it. Obviously, your goal would be to “broadcast” your five-star reviews across search engines, social media sites and directories, and address and/or remove unfavorable ones.

Every business is one customer away or one disgruntled employee from a bad review.   By daily monitoring of a business’s reviews across the web a business can proactively deal with any review that doesn’t meet their 5 Star criteria.  Once discovered it’s important they take a pro active approach to deal with the review and turn it into a positive win –win for everyone.

Remember there are always two sides to a story.  If the business does what it says it’s going to do and makes good on their promise then most consumers will take it into consideration and react accordingly.  It’s not reacting to the review that hurts business and for most they just don’t know.  Again it’s why it’s so important to have a reputation marketing plan in place that develops the systems to monitor their online reputation and develop an in house 5 star reputation culture. 

A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment.” Ernest Bramah

A company’s reputation has never been more important than it is today.  Anyone doing a search on line can find a business’s reputation with a couple of mouse clicks – and reviews are everywhere online. 
To learn more please watch the video below:  The first video was designed specifically for chiropractors but all of the information applies to just about every small local business.  The second video

For these reasons, we now offer services that help businesses just like yours overcome these challenges.

Local Reputation Marketing Services

For these reasons we now offer services that help businesses like yours overcome these challenges by improving their online reputation and brand using local reputation marketing strategies and tactics. Once we establish your baseline presence we will develop a plan unique to your business and your industry; then track, measure, market and manage your businesses reputation online.

To Learn More Please Watch The Video Below

This video was designed specifically for chiropractors but all of the information applies to just about every small local business.  It will explain our system for reputation marketing, branding your business, local serch marketing and how we can help you position your business as the local industry leader in your niche.

Free Report

Download our free report – What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Reputation Marketing Company - as mentioned in the video above.  It will give you helpful tips and insights into marketing and managing your online reputation.  Just click on the images below.report-cover

If You Would Like A Free Audit That Shows You Where Your Business Ranks In Your Local Market Place including a reputation report  just Use Our Contact Us Form or call us 877-904-1656  and we will be happy to help you.

*If you like you can do a quick Check to see what others are saying about you and your business just using your telephone number. Go to the home page and look for our Free Reputation Reporting Software.  It's a gold banner located on the right side about 1/3 down.  Simply put in your telephone number and get your Free Reputation Report.

If You Would Like A Free Analysis That Shows You What Others Are Saying About Your Business Just Enter Your Primary Business Telephone Number Into Our Free Reputation Software Located on the Right Side Of The Page - the banner with the 5 gold stars.  Your report will open in a new page.

Contact Us Information Needed For Analysis
  • Your Name
  • Put "Free Local Marketing Analysis" in the Subject
  • Your Business Name and business email address
  • Your Business Address - we need this to complete the analysis and compare your listings across the internet and local marketing directories.
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your Website URL

    *If you like you can do a quick Local Ranking Report for your business just using your telephone number. Just enter your primary business telephone into our free local ranking software on the right side of the page.  It's the blue banner with the red location pin. Your report will open in a new page.


Here is what you can expect from our reputation marketing services:

We will:
  • Create. Create and execute a local-level targeted reputation marketing plan using our team of reputation marketing experts and our proprietary systems.
  • Monitoring.  Provide Daily Monitoring of your online reputation across the web.
  • Reporting.  Provide Bi-Weekly Reporting on all your reviews across the web to include social media directories.
  • Review Alerts.  Provide Daily Review Alerts – for both positive and negative reviews.
  • Location Based Reporting.  Provide Location Based Reporting – for each of your company’s locations.
  • Additional Reviews.  Show you how to design and implement strategies and tactics to grow your reviews using, post cards, business cards, email and more.
  • Access To Our Media Center.   Our media center is a state of the art marketing tool you can use to produce business cards, post cards, flyers, table top brochures and much more to help get more reviews, collect valuable client feedback and to market your reviews and brand. A $2000/yr value.
  • Posting Reviews.  Provide you with your own personalized business review page where your customers and clients can leave their reviews. Then we will post these reviews to your business and local directories for you.
  • Manage Your Reviews.   Provide a system for getting your 5 Star reviews to consistently updated on your website.  These will be the latest 5 Star Reviews both written and video from across the web.
  • Manage Your Reputation. Manage your reputation by making sure only the 5 Star Reviews get posted on your site.
  • Company Training.  One of the key elements in building a 5 star reputation is to have everyone in the company participating.  We will provide you with your own personalized business reputation center for your employees to train and implement a 5 Star Reputation Business Culture.


Our Fees and Pricing Options

We offer flexible pricing options based on the services provided:

Month-by-Month Option (no long-term contract; billed monthly):

  • There is an initial setup fee
  • Then an on-going monthly fee for services
  • Please Note: Your first bill will include your initial set-up fee and month one's on-going fee for services. 


If you're ready to get started, please call 877-904-1656 or email us using our Contact Us form.

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